Behind The Lens


Hi there! I’m Lindsay and I’m so excited you’re here! My job is to guide you through the awesome experience of capturing and preserving your special moments. My style of photography is simple and focuses on the people, settings and things that are most important to you. I’m super easy going and strive to always make you feel at home during our time together. Whether we are telling silly jokes or making fart noises for your little ones to get those genuine smiles, I’m all-in to give your family the best experience possible.

A few things about me….I love the mountains and have lived in the foothills almost all my life.  Camping, hiking, kayaking, and being around campfires with friends and family are my faves.   I love date nights with my amazing husband and the sweet sounds of laughter from our two rowdy and sassy kiddos.  I love our crazy life and making lasting memories.   Lets chat some more on how we can create a custom session just for you!